Being satisfied with the present situation leads to stagnation.
What is the mode?
It is your attitude to seek something new every day.
The clothes you choose today make you of today.
The clothes you choose today make you in the future.

Do you know the roots of the clothes that make your future?
Do you understand the behind-the-scenes of that clothes?
Do you know how much expertise and effort are devoted?

Every clothes return to earth someday.
The clothes you choose today affect the earth in the future.
Never lie.
Never cheat.
9-jour. creates the future of the mode.

9-jour. realizes the spirit of JAPAN MADE, which never forgets efforts to maintain tradition.

ABOUT 9-jour.

9-jour. was launched by DENOBO STRUCTURE Ltd. in 2023.
With extensive experience designing and modeling for prominent fashion brands in and out of Japan, 9-jour. presents the finest MADE IN JAPAN items.


The nuance colors are realized only by the highly-selected natural material, such as fresh flowers and plants. Chemical materials cannot reach that quality.
Please find “your perfect color” from our wide selection of colors.
9-jour. presents the ideal future of fashion through its sincere creation realizing stylish and comfortable looks, high quality, and environmental friendliness.


MADE IN JAPAN quality created by artisans


9-jour.” discovered“ Japan's traditional craftsmanship indispensable for our creation and future creation.
9-jour. joins forces with the pinnacle of Japanese artisans to realize the highest quality.



Now is the time to start making things we can be proud of for the earth.
But you don’t have to give up pursuing stylish looks by doing so.
Beautiful colors are dyed with materials that do not pollute the environment when drained.
No unnecessary stocks by made-to-order production.
9-jour. aims for sustainability for the earth without any lies or fake.



I believe in the power of clothes.
I love making them.
I’ve wanted to create long-loved clothes harmless to the environment, which we can always be proud of wearing.
That was my driving force behind launching 9-jour.
I named the brand 9-jour after my deep appreciation for Kyoto, where they maintain traditional dyeing methods for more than 1000 years, as well as the respect of my family roots.

Now, I want to share this message with you.
9-jour. is just born and needs your participation to complete the “circulation.”

Just think about it.
Denim formed from natural material becomes your long-loved piece in the closet, then returns to the earth.
Another circulation starts there as a natural material, like reincarnation between the earth and the people.

Enjoying fashion creates the future of the earth.
I want you to be a part of the process.
Nothing makes me happier than your participation.