About products

Q. About size


Please check the size chart. (measured on a flat surface)
Products have slight differences due to hand production one by one.
Waist size is measured around the top edge of the pants.


【9-902 High-Waist Straight】

A:69cm B:91cm C:31cm D:80cm E:29.5cm F:21cm G:109cm

A:72cm B:94cm C:31.5cm D:80cm E:30.5cm F:21.5cm G:109.5cm

A:75cm B:97cm C:32cm D:80cm E:31.5cm F:22cm G:110cm

【9-901 Standard Straight】

A:84cm B:104cm C:29cm D:80cm E:31.5cm F:21cm G:107cm

A:87cm B:107cm C:29.5cm D:80cm E:32.5cm F:21.5cm G:107.5cm

A:90cm B:110cm C:30cm D:80cm E:33.5cm F:22.5cm G:108cm

Q. About size instruction


We use our own size indicator, "sun". As a Japanese brand, we adopted the traditional Japanese size indicator “sun.”  1 sun = about 3 cm.

Please refer to the size chart for details.

Q. About waist size

Waist size differs depending on the size of the rise.
Please note that when you compare the size with your jeans.

Q. It looks different from the displayed image on the screen.

We are doing our best to display the color closest to the products.
However, there may be some differences in color depending on the settings of your monitor or device. Please note that in advance.

Q. About color

Colors may have slight differences due to hand production one by one.
Please note that in advance.
In addition, there may be slight color differences due to the harvest time and region of the material of the dye, which causes differences in color depending on the shipping time.

Q. Are the plants used in the color names used for dyeing?

Since the product color is named after its image, it is not the same as the raw material used. Please check the product description for the actual dyeing material.

Q. I lost a rivet・button.

We also sell rivets and buttons separately.
Please purchase from the product page.

Q. Can you repair it?

It depends on the case.
Contact us from the inquiry form

Q. Shrinkage when washing

The product is pre-shrinked at the time of purchase, so it is not likely to shrink when washed at home. (We cannot say it never shrinks since it is a cotton product. There may be slight differences depending on the washing and drying methods.)
Please check the washing instruction for more details.

Q. Color fading and transfer when washing

Since the color-stop mordant is also from a natural origin, the color gradually fades each time you wash it. Please note that in advance.
Due to the nature of the dye, the color transfers to other items.
Please wash separately.

Q. About the price

Prices of products sold in the online store may change without prior notice. 
We appreciate your understanding.

Q. About hemming

We do not provide a hemming service.